Slay All Day: How To Work From Home During Quarantine (like A Boss)

How are you hanging in and navigating the coronavirus quarantine, babe?
Working from home is just one new challenge you may be working through right now. Totally understandable. Basically overnight, a LOT of people went from workin' 9-5 to an all-out free for all, like going buck wild during summer vacation back in the day! Late nights! Sleepovers! Sleeping in! What day is it?!

But now, we are adults.... so there's booze, snacks, Netflix, and weed (in legal states, of course!). Which is pretty damn awesome ....but also, your own private Temptation Island. Yikes!

If you're trying to get into a work from home groove but can't seem to get it right, it's all good. It's a work-in-progress!

Hopefully this topic isn't too rando to read on a sex toy website! But what gives US pleasure is helping you live your best life - so much that we created the Quarantine Self-Care Series, which you can read here! It's all for you. <3

An *ideal* scenario (aka my 'perfect day') looks like this - but feel free to take what really clicks with your lifestyle, and omit the rest.

Buckle up and settle down- this is a lot to sift through!

My name is Casey -- I'm the Marketing Gal here at Rock Candy, and have worked at home for about 10 years.

Sticking to a routine is hard some days - there are soooo many distractions that want to yank us in different directions. But when I follow this formula and commit to staying focused, I feel really, really good. And that reflects in other areas of my life and general mindset.

Disclaimer - am I still a hot mess from time to time? Um, yes. I have a tendency of falling back into old patterns, which feels like a broken record of self-defeating thoughts in my head. Anyone else feel the same? Bueller? 

It takes continuous effort- day by day, hour by hour - to stay on track. Accepting this was huge - because we stop beating ourselves up over derailing. I know that I am not a lost cause, and there is no need to ask for 'forgiveness' from yourself or anyone else. 
Luckily, there is another day to try again/get it right...and another after that.

I hope that by sharing these specific work from home tips, you are inspired to try something new, or leave with some hopefulness. 

Benefits of locking in a daily work from home schedule:
*Discover ways to boost happiness, peace and pleasure
*Build an arsenal of tips to help you function efficiently
*Stock your PMA (positive mental attitude) toolbox with resources you can reach for in an instant, anytime
*Showing up for yourself allows you to operate at your highest level. Yas!
*Push through resistance, mental blocks, work through self-doubt! (And isn't that the purpose of life?! We tend to believe so.) ​