Celebrating Women’s History Month: Raising A Toast To Self-love

March is Women’s History Month, a time to celebrate those amazingly badass women who knew the worth of self-esteem!

As the world discusses female empowerment, here are three women in history who loved themselves unapologetically, not only for their beauty, but for their merits. So much so, that the world came to love them relentlessly. These women made noteworthy contributions to society yet taught us that there is nothing, yes, nothing wrong with self-love and self-care. Be it work or pleasure.

Hedy Lamarr: The Bombshell Inventor
A lady who marvellously portrayed an orgasm sequence in the movie Ecstasy and was a part of nude scenes just at the age of 18 (we are talking in the year 1933!), Hedy Lamarr went to be an icon who would change the face of Hollywood. The Snow White and Cat Woman that we know and love today, all owe their looks to Hedy. She knew what she wanted and how she wanted it.
Believe it or not, this bombshell’s glaring flare for technology helped her invent the “hopping frequency” method, which can rightly be called the great grand-daddy of today’s Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

Jenna Haze at the AVN Awards in Las Vegas, Via famousfix.com

Jenna Haze: The Natural Hottie
Yes, she ruled the porn industry for years with super sensuous attributes that came naturally to her. With 602 adult films and prestigious awards like 2003 AVN Best New Starlet, 2009 AVN Performer of the Year, Best Group Sex Scene, Best Oral Sex Scene, and many more accolades, she is undoubtedly one of the most talented porn stars of our time. She is the only adult performer to ever win Best New Starlet and Performer of the Year. She even started her own production company.
Before officially retiring as a porn performer in 2012, Jenna made it clear that the porn business is a serious business, where talent rules. She has gone on to great heights as an advocate for ethical pornography, even giving a TED Talk on Porn: A Shift in Mindset.

Maya Angelou: The Epitome of Learning and Teaching Self Love
“I must undertake to love myself and to respect myself as though my very life depends upon self-love and self-respect.”
The words by this much-acclaimed activist, storyteller, poet, and auto-biographer reinstate that love begins by loving oneself. In every sphere of her life, she has portrayed an eternal desire to rise above all struggles. She has done this through her poetry and voice against discrimination. One of her notable works is Phenomenal Women, which celebrates the journey of womanhood.

So, friends, these women, no matter the domain they have ruled, these women and countless other iconic women have proved that self-love and acceptance can take you far. Loving yourself and getting what you want is not shameful or prideful, it is an act of service we must all actively participate in. The celebration is in the journey of self-love and self-discovery, there is no destination. So, take a little time to celebrate yourself before this month comes to a close.