Here’s What Your Bachelorette Needs At Her Last Fling Before The Ring

What comes before a wedding Saturday within the month of June? Wild, fun, bachelorette season! Not all bachelorettes want the same penis shaped cakes and embarrassing sashes. Plan the perfect party for the bachelorette in your life this spring with this easy guide. First, you must evaluate your bachelorette: is she the shy bride, the wild bride, the artsy bride, or the IG-obsessed bride?

The Shy Bride
Wild, crazy nights filled with penis-shaped shot glasses aren’t for everyone. For those who are on the shy side, we recommend leaving the embarrassment at home and taking your bride somewhere with a nice spa. Have you and your bride squad have a nice, relaxing weekend in, topped with a cute Instagram pic of all of you in matching pajamas. Now, even the shy bride has to get at least a few naughty gifts for her first night as a wifey. Get her something from the Rock Candy Fun Size Collection! We suggest the Fun Size Lala Pop or for more focused vibrations, the Suga Stick. These are discreet, non-threatening, and travel friendly. Perfect for a more mellow bachelorette!
The Wild Bride
You know her, you love her, she’s a handful. It’s the wild bride! This bachelorette has seen all of the movies and wants you to throw her the funny, trashy bash of the century! Penis cakes, shot glasses, and giant rings are a-okay for this party girl. You’ll want to take your wild bachelorette somewhere where the city never sleeps, like New Orleans! Take her to the Carousel Bar, a bar that literally spins as you drink. There are also tons of fun, wild drag shows to take her to in New Orleans. This is a bachelorette party she’ll be telling her grandchildren about…well at least the highlights. The wild bachelorette would be offended if her naughty gifts didn’t meet her fun energy, so get her the Bling Pop Vibrating C-Ring to share with her hubby to be.

The Artsy Bride
The artsy bride is a great combination of a wild and shy bride, but with her own flair, of course. She wants a unique bachelorette party that none of her girls will have been there, or done that. Take your artsy bride somewhere where there’s a lot of galleries or unique attractions, like Palm Springs. Take her to the Palm Springs Museum of Art or on a architecture tour through the colorful 60’s homes. She’s got a little party in her? Take her to a unique pool party, there’s something for every music taste out there. Even the hipster, artsy bachelorette needs her naughty send off, so get her something just as creative as her. Give her a Taffy Puller as a couples toy! She will love the fun color, and will love stroking her man in a new way. You can also use the Taffy Puller as a BJ enhancer when your man is well-endowed.

The IG-Obsessed Bride
We have all been bachelorette bombed by this girl before. You gotta love a girl who can make a photoshoot from anything! Your IG bachelorette is going to want ALL the photo spots, so take her somewhere that can provide amazing backdrops wherever you go. We suggest Nashville! One particularly IG-worthy spot you can take this selfie-snapping bachelorette is the Pink Limousine Bar. If your bachelorette wants to party like Dolly Parton in an all pink, glam bar, she’ll love you forever for planning her party here. The IG bachelorette will most definitely want a viral-worthy naughty gift, so get her the Gummy Bear Vibe. This vibe is powerful, cute, and will totally get her the likes she’s looking for.

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