What You Should Dress Up As For Halloween Based On Your Sign

Spooky season is upon us as we near closer to October 31st! As Halloween parties begin to kick off, what will you dress up as? If you are still on the fence (we’re talking to you, Gemini), we have predicted a costume for each sign that will be a sure fire, sexy hit at your Halloween function.

Aries – Cassie from Young Promising Woman
As an Aries, you like something clever, upbeat, and a bit dark in your Halloween look. Cassie provides the perfect mix of everything you love about Halloween: feminist references, revenge, and sexy nurse costumes that are not basic. This costume is complex, yet easy to pull off with just a wig and a store-bought nurse costume.

Pisces – Baby Yoda
You are a sweet, angelic soul that deserves to be protected, Pisces. You were the first friend in your group to be completely obsessed with Baby Yoda memes and they will all let out the loudest “aww” when they see your sweet costume.

Taurus – Sheet Ghost
You are clever, calm, and cool, Taurus. Go with a costume that makes you look funny, classic, and comfy AF. You are not one to wear something uncomfortable just to look cool, so go with something that’ll get heads turning without having to be adjusting your look all night.

Gemini – My Melody or Kuromi
We had to give you two options, Gemini. Decide if you want to be your sweet bubbly self or pull out your mischievous freaky side by choosing one of the Sanrio duo of My Melody or Kuromi. This costume is great for you because it is feminine with and edge and is up to your interpretation on what the final look will be!

Cancer – Fairy Godmother
You are emotionally intelligent and would do anything for the ones you love, Cancer. That’s why we think you should be a sexy fairy godmother this year. The fairy godmother has been depicted many ways on TV and in movies over the year, but she always has her own flair and usually does the most for her friends. Just like you!

Leo – Cutie Cowgirl
Leo’s are known for their rootin’ tootin’ confidence, partner! That’s what makes a cute cowgirl the perfect costume for you. You love showing off your bod and taking on a fun persona on Halloween, and this costume will get you all the hype and attention you need.

Virgo – Wonder Woman 1984
Virgo, you aren’t just Wonder Woman on Halloween. You are a badass babe that can take on the world any day of the week. Its time you dressed the part this Halloween. Plus, you’re a bit of a sucker for nostalgia, so the latest ’84 Wonder Woman look is perfect for you.

Libra – Sexy Nun
You are the great harmony, Libra. You love the sweet, sexiness of Halloween just as much as you love causing a little spooky season trouble. You will make the perfect sexy nun because it reflects your sense of humor and love for Halloween.

Scorpio – Sexy Scream
Scorpios are usually the scary movie junkies of the zodiac. Play into this while still being sexy this Halloween by pairing a Scream mask with some hot black lingerie. This is a fun way to pay homage to your fave movies while still being your sexy self.

Sagittarius – Cheerleader
You are the life of the party, and you are known the cheer others up with your presence, Sag. We know it might seem a little basic, but you’d make a perfect cheerleader this Halloween! Not into being just any old cheerleader? There’s so many variations to this costume! From Bring it On to Devil’s league costumes, you can mold this sexy look to whatever you want.

Capricorn – Velma from Scooby Doo
You are the smart friend without a doubt, Cap. And that’s what makes you so sexy! Choose a costume with brains to boot this Halloween and pull off a sexy Velma look. You’ll be looking for clues and stealing hearts in this intelligent look.

Aquarius – Planet Her Alien
You are out of this world creative, Aquarius! That means you need a costume with room for artistic flair. The aliens from Planet Her by Doja Cat all have sexy futuristic looks in many colors and shapes. You’ll have fun creating your own sexy alien and everyone will love dancing with you all night.

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